Debit Card

The debit card allows for instant access to funds. The card is customized to the plan to allow certain merchants and transactions. Our partner for debit card transactions is Alegeus

  • Debit card can be tied to Health FSA and/or HRA

  • Employer determines the priority of each account if multiple accounts

  • Card is used as credit card at point-of-sale

  • System checks cardholder status, account balance, and vendor merchant category code. If all three pass the check, funds come off of card

  • If swiped amount matches the pharmacy, medical, dental, vision co-pay – NO receipts are required.  Otherwise BenefitsAssist, inc. follows up with receipt request.  We recommend to keep all documentation!

  • Card can be turned off if misused

  • OTC enhancements are ongoing


Please keep in mind the following tips if you have the card:

  1. Effective April 1, 2013, due to the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, merchants will need to be able to accept card transactions on two unaffiliated networks.  In addition to the current signature only network (no PIN) that is now in use, our card vendor has decided to offer merchants the ability for the card to be used as a debit card requiring a PIN.  IF MERCHANTS OFFER A CHOICE OF USING THE CARD AS DEBIT OR CREDIT, WE SUGGEST THAT YOU CHOOSE ‘CREDIT’ (NO PIN).  OTHERWISE IF YOU USE IT AS A ‘DEBIT’ CARD (WHICH A MERCHANT MAY REQUIRE) YOU WILL NEED TO ENTER A 4 DIGIT PIN.  THE PIN CAN ONLY BE RETRIEVED BY YOU AND IS FOUND ON THE NEW WEBSITE - - select ‘Debit Card’ tab at top of page and click on ‘View PIN’ once Cardholder information is displayed.  This PIN change does NOT require you to be issued a new card.  The card will NOT function at ATMs.  The PIN cannot be changed. 

  2. The card can be used at merchants that are identified as healthcare providers.  Since it works like a credit card, you can use the number over the telephone, web, or on invoices sent to you.  Unless a card transaction is denied at the point-of-sale, the merchant will receive payment.

  3. KEEP ALL receipts and other supporting documentation regarding your card transactions as well as any manual claims (i.e. those you send to BenefitsAssist, inc. for reimbursement).  After a card transaction, you may receive an e-mail or a letter from BenefitsAssist, inc. requesting that you submit supporting documentation in order to satisfy IRS regulations and to avoid your card being blocked.  PLEASE ENSURE THAT WE HAVE YOUR CORRECT E-MAIL ADDRESS ON FILE AND CHECK YOUR SPAM AND JUNK FILTERS TO VERIFY THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO RECEIVE E-MAIL FROM FLEX@BENEFITSASSIST.NET.

  4. If you would like a separate card for your dependents, please let us know by submitting the extra cardholder’s name, relationship to you, last four digits of social security number, and birth date.  

  5. Please report any loss or fraudulent use of the card immediately.  Otherwise you may lose those funds

  6. You must use the card only to pay for expenses with a date of service after enrollment but during the plan year.  Even if you are billed for a service or pay for it after enrollment, the service itself must have taken place after enrollment.   Please pay particular attention to the date of service when you are changing from one plan year to the next plan year.  Unless your plan includes a grace period, you cannot use the card in the current year to pay for prior year expenses. 

  7. You may only use the card to pay for services that have been provided, i.e. you cannot pre-pay for future services.

  8. If this plan covers pharmacy, as of July 1, 2009, in order to accept the card, retailers such as grocery stores and pharmacies must have an approved IRS inventory system that determines if an expense is eligible.  Most national retailers have such a system.  This means that most benefits card purchases at CVS, Kroger, Target, Walgreens and Wal-Mart should require no submission of documentation! Items will be filtered at the point of swipe and then classified as eligible or non-eligible items. If the items are classified as eligible items, you will be able to pay using the benefits card. If you are trying to buy a non-eligible item (e.g., a magazine) then you will have to use another payment method.  The approved merchant list is updated daily at  SIGIS is a company that certifies merchants.   

  9. The card arrives under a separate mailing the first plan year that you enroll.  Future plan years are loaded onto the same card.  If you use all of the funds on the card, please keep the card for future plan years.  Cards expire after three years at which time the system should issue you new cards.

  10. The claim date of service must be between your plan year enrollment date and the plan year end date.  For terminated participants, the claim date of service must be between your plan year enrollment date and your termination date.  The claims filing deadline is the earlier of 90 days after termination or 90 days after plan year end. 

Manual claims (i.e. non debit card) may be mailed, faxed to (888) 588-3650, or e-mailed to  Our contact information is listed below.

BenefitsAssist, inc.

ATTN: Flex

P.O. Box 31823 

Knoxville, TN37930-1823

(865) 769-2800  

(888) 588-3650 fax