Event Notice

The event notice provides the Participating Qualified Beneficiary (PQB) with the information regarding the opportunity to enroll under COBRA continuation. This notice includes premium information, as well as the grace periods allowed to sign up for continuation coverage.

The model event notice can be found at http://www.dol.gov/ebsa/cobra.html.

Administrative services provided by BenefitsAssist, inc. for the event notice:

  • Mail event notice to all employees and/or dependents experiencing a COBRA event

    • termination

    • reduction in hours

    • divorce/separation

    • retirement

    • ineligible dependent

    • Medicare entitlement that causes loss of coverage

    • disability

    • end of FMLA leave

  • Enroll COBRA participants with different carriers

  • Collect COBRA premiums

  • Answer COBRA concerns

  • Reconcile premiums

  • Generate monthly reports for the employer

  • Terminate COBRA participants at the end of COBRA period or for lack of payment