Affordable Care Act

We offer the below for ACA reporting for Forms 1094-B, 1095-B, 1094-C, 1095-C:

  • BenefitsAssist, inc. partners with ACAPrime who provides ACA services.  See the attached ACA Reporting by ACA Prime - BenefitsAssist.docx for more information and sign up for a discount on services.   

  • Employers provide information about their group medical plans as well as payroll and the software will determine the line 14 and line 16 codes

  • Employers have the option to add Data Compilation whereby they can provide spreadsheets and ACAPrime will do the mapping     

  • In addition to Reporting, Employers can add Monthly Tracking

  • ACAPrime will take care of e-filing with the IRS

  • Employers can send Forms 1095-B and Forms 1095-C to employees by U.S. mail or outsource the mailing to ACAPrime for additional fees

  • ACAPrime offers free consultations for each client who has received an IRS 226-J letter regardless of whether they used ACAPrime or not in the past