COBRA Administration

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) of 1985 requires companies with 20 or more workers to offer employees and dependents, called "Qualified Beneficiaries", the opportunity to continue identical group insurance coverage that would normally be lost due to certain qualifying events.

COBRA administration services offered by BenefitsAssist, inc.:

  • Mail all DOL general notices for newly covered members

  • Mail event notices to all covered qualified beneficiaries when the plan becomes subject to COBRA

  • Send separate notices to dependents known to reside at a different address

  • Track monthly premium payments

  • Generate coupons for qualified beneficiaries for ease of payment

  • Keep all COBRA records for the company

    • check reconciliation

    • updating of enrollments

    • direct correspondence with qualified beneficiaries and/or dependents and the insurance carrier

  • Inform employer of COBRA status of enrollees

    • enrollment status report

    • termination report

    • benefit plan report

    • premium reconciliation

  • Act as a liaison between the COBRA participants and the insurance carriers

  • Act as a contact between COBRA participants and employer, answering COBRA questions and concerns

  • Support state continuation administration